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How To Find High Quality Effective Diet Pills

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The market is saturated with diet pills to help boost weight loss and for good reason! Over half of Americans are trying to shed unwanted pounds and reach a healthy goal weight. Whether due to always feeling hungry, never feeling full or stuck in a sugar-addiction cycle, excess weight can cause serious physical and mental health risks. Manufacturers have flooded the market with supplements that they claim are the best or the most effective, even manipulating the facts to show that their diet pills are the only choice to stop uncontrolled hunger and overeating to help lose weight.    

However, it can be beyond confusing for consumers, not knowing which products are worth buying and which are worthless fakes. We carefully examined which products are backed up with scientific support and real explanations as to why they have formulated their version of a diet pill in the way that they have or how exactly they work to help curb hunger, reduce hunger and balance hunger hormones, without relying on potentially dangerous stimulants. 

What Is The Science Behind How Diet Pills Work?

There are different types of diet pills each offering a slightly different mechanism of action for the results you are likely to experience. The most effective ones will work with your body’s hormones to help achieve long-lasting weight loss results. Short-term fixes usually result in gaining even more weight afterwards and can potentially cause serious harm to major systems in the body.

Different types of diet pills include:

  • Appetite suppressants – Work to override hunger hormone Ghrelin and increase appetite-suppressing hormone Leptin.
  • Diuretics – Work to secrete water for weight loss.
  • Pills to reduce nutrient absorption – Block enzymatic activity so the body cannot break down fat and absorb it.
  • Stimulants – Work by using caffeine to boost metabolism. 

Drawing upon research, suppressing your appetite is a clinically proven way of helping to reduce caloric intake and shed pounds that stay off for the long term. When you work to train your appetite, your body learns to expect healthy portions of a variety of foods and your stomach actually shrinks in size. Essentially this means that even if you did want to eat more, you cannot because you feel fuller, sooner. The  other methods are not sustainable for lasting weight loss results and can also cause severe side effects and can be damaging to your health with some cases even resulting in death.

Our Research On Diet Pills

When looking for an effective appetite suppressant product to achieve great results, consumers need to be aware of what is contained within formulas by reading and understanding the product’s label. Due to the fact that we know what we are looking for, we were able to immediately spot manufacturers that were simply out to make a quick return and cash in on the latest trends versus the products that we consider to be high quality and effective supplements that will bring positive results.

Our research identified key clinically-proven ingredients which should be included in a good diet pill to help suppress your appetite and reduce caloric intake to shift that stubborn weight.These ingredients include:

  • Gymnema sylvestre – Helps stop sugar cravings.
  • White Kidney Bean – Starch blocker that prevents your body from turning complex carbohydrates into sugar.
  • African Mango Seed – Shown to reduce body weight, blood sugar, body fat, waist circumference, triglycerides, and cholesterol.
  • Caralluma fimbriata – Curbs hunger to reduce overeating.
  • Cayenne Pepper – Shown to reduce ghrelin, the hunger hormone.
  • Chromium Picolinate – Helps regulate blood sugar levels which helps balance appetite. 
  • Vitamin C – Boosts energy levels and fights fatigue in order to help prevent overeating.
  • Vitamin D3 – Deficient levels of vitamin D have been shown to lead to weight gain.
  • Vitamin B6 – Shown to consistently alleviate hunger cravings. 
  • Additional ingredients – such as black pepper extract – should be added to increase bioavailability for speedier results in order to receive the positive benefits of the above ingredients faster and more effectively.

Thorough research takes time and money, which most people don’t have an endless supply of. So, we did the work for you, saving you both. We researched numerous diet pills to ascertain an in-depth analysis of what is out there on the market and which offers the best results.

To determine those products that we could rate as beneficial, we looked to see if they contained the correct concentration and ingredients, how potent they were and their grade of purity. We eliminated products that we found to contain synthetic fillers, unnecessary ingredients and those that each pill showed inconsistency with each other.

However, that was not all, we didn’t stop there. We understand that facts and figures don’t always tell the whole story. So, we looked for real consumers who had purchased and used the products and asked them for their feedback. Their testimonials helped us to establish a list of the best possible products currently available based on the experience of real consumers.

How To Find Quality Diet Pill Manufacturers

OK, so….there are several key elements to look out for that can pretty much guarantee the product’s authenticity. 

  • Optimal Dosage and Purity: We eliminated any products with synthetic fillers, unnecessary ingredients and inconsistent pills.
  • Verified Customer Reviews: We reviewed testimonials of real consumers who had purchased, used the products and given feedback.
  • Monitoring by a Third Party: Using third-party organizations to independently monitor and track the reputation of a manufacturer and assess their customer satisfaction levels is crucial.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: A strong guarantee demonstrates the confidence that manufacturers have in their products.
  • External Testing: Third-party testing substantiates and verifies the quality of the manufacturer’s product. It can be very expensive for manufacturers to undertake and even disqualify entire shipments of products that don’t reach the correct standards.

We are very confident in the brands that we did pick. Given our stringent parameters and reasons for choosing our recommendations, we are sure our suggestions will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Our Recommendations On Diet Pills

Our product recommendation stands tall against its competition, we think you will agree. The company’s excellent reputation, quality product, external independent monitoring, and testing, coupled with an incredible money-back guarantee policy, makes this a good product to consider if you are looking for a quality diet pill to help suppress appetite and generate significant weight loss.


Rating: Excellent


Money Back Guarantee
Consumer Feedback
Company Reputation

Editor’s Choice

Approved Science® Appetite Suppressant

Approved Sciences’ diet pill for effective weight loss is formulated in the most effective mechanism of action as an appetite suppressant, which is the perfect solution for long term weight loss results. Of all the diet pills currently available on the market, this is the one that deserves a closer look and very likely, the one that will change your life!

It contains the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients providing a triple-action approach for curbing hunger, increasing satiety and ending sugar cravings to promote a healthy metabolism in order to lose weight. Each ingredient was handpicked and was the only product we found that contains Gymnema sylvestre, White Kidney Bean, African Mango Seed, Caralluma, Cayenne Pepper, vitamins and minerals for the ultimate appetite control. It does not contain any additives or preservatives and is totally 100% safe to use with no long-term side effects.

Quality: Approved Science® Appetite Suppressant contains high-grade, natural, clinically-verified ingredients that are GMP certified.

Reputation: Their reputation is top quality. This manufacturer has several third-party monitoring services, including buySAFE, Norton, and Trustee, as well as an A+ rating from the quality monitoring company QualityTrusted.

Money Back Guarantee: Every item sold is supported by a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Such guarantees from manufacturers show strong confidence in their products’ ability to deliver results. Great news for consumers.

What’s more, they are well known in the industry and an established company that provides great customer support service, secure and easy checkout as well as prompt, efficient delivery.

Their commitment to the health industry and consumer is excellent, providing further qualification of efficacy by producing their products in an FDA registered laboratory.

If you are looking for a product that ticks all the boxes for an effective appetite suppressant, from an established reputable company with an excellent money-back guarantee, this is the supplement for you.

It would be good to note that, due to high demand, Approved Science® Appetite Suppressant is often sold out. To avoid having to backorder, don’t hesitate to make that purchase when you see it in stock.

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Rating: Good


Hydroxycut Gummies

Hydroxycut Gummies take diet pills to a new level by offering fruit flavored gummies to support weight loss. The base of this formula is composed of 16 essential vitamins and minerals. If Hydroxycut’s claims are true, consumers can manage their health goals as well as their weight loss goals in one serving of gummies (which equates to 3 gummies). The star ingredient of this product is C. canephora robusta, also known as green coffee extract, containing caffeine and chlorogenic acid, for weight loss benefits. We like that the manufacturer has removed caffeine from the green coffee, however, it is the green coffee that is clinically proven to provide weight loss results. Overall, this is a decent manufacturer so we decided to further delve into this product.

We appreciate the appeal of taking a gummy over a pill. However, the formulation of a gummy requires additional ingredients, namely sugar and corn syrup. The idea of taking a diet pill that has added empty calories seems illogical. Excess sugar and corn syrup have been linked to climbing obesity rates and an increase in many diseases. If the goal of a diet pill is to become healthier, it is unclear if these gummies would help you get the results you desire. 

On a positive note, Hydroxycut’s Gummies are reasonably priced. It isn’t the cheapest we found but cheap doesn’t always mean quality so when it comes to good quality supplements, most of the time, you get what you pay for. Furthermore, there are discounted deals should you buy more than one bottle. However, customers should be warned that the return policy does not extend to all bottles. Additionally, it would be wise for potential consumers to read published customer reviews as many people suffer from painful side effects such as stomach distress and debilitating headaches. 

Click here to read the full review


Rating: OK



Golo Release 

Golo Release is a dietary supplement intended to work in a 3-part plan (along with a diet plan and exercise regimen) to help people lower insulin and lose weight. This is a natural supplement containing 3 minerals and 7 plant extracts with no caffeine or other stimulants. The Golo Release website even includes clinical studies with claims of significant weight loss. But is all this too good to be true? We peel back the layers on the manufacturer Golo LLC to reveal what you can expect from this product.

The supplement itself is designed to improve insulin resistance and support healthy metabolism. When body cells are resistant to insulin, they don’t allow insulin to remove sugar from the bloodstream; this can result in unbalanced blood sugar levels. What puzzles us is how Golo Release can claim to do this when the majority of the ingredients are combined in a proprietary blend without any indication of their doses. It is impossible to ascertain how much of each ingredient is in each pill and therefore unclear how effective this product will be.

While clinical studies in general can be impressive, these are not. These studies are only preliminary studies, they do not contain a control group and were, in fact, paid for by Golo LLC. Unbiased studies done by a third- party would be more persuasive. Unregulated blood sugar can be a dangerous issue and must require doctor supervision. A more persuasive approach for a diet pill would be a product that had a more credible and safer claim of suppressing appetite to stay away from mismanaging blood sugar.

However, what most customers find upsetting is that they can only get the Golo diet plan once they have purchased a pricey bottle of Golo Release. According to the feedback we read, many customers have also found this plan to be confusing and difficult to follow. But perhaps most upsetting is that consumers have followed the diet plan, exercise regimen and have taken Golo Release only to have gained weight instead of losing it! For unsatisfied customers, there is a 60-day return policy but only for first-time purchases and only for one bottle per customer.

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The Top 6 Items to Consider:

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  2. Cost Per Serving
  3. Product’s Testing Results
  4. Company’s Reputation
  5. Consumer Reviews
  6. Return Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee

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