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Golo Release Review

This review examines a product called Golo Release by the manufacturer Golo LLC. This product is a key part of the Golo Metabolic Plan aka the Golo diet, that the company promotes to help people lose weight. The diet plan comes free when purchasing Golo Release. We investigated the claims of Golo, the veracity of the Golo diet and the ingredients found in this product to see what consumers can expect from this pricey purchase. 

The first thing we noticed is that there is an extremely limited amount of information about the Golo diet on the manufacturer’s website. Consumers must first pay for a bottle of Golo Release before understanding the diet plan. From what we’ve gleaned from scouring the internet, the food plan includes whole-foods with an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, lean protein, nuts, and whole grains. However there seem to be many rules and a confusing point system which many people have found hard to follow. 

While there are studies to back up the Golo diet, these studies are problematic for a number of reasons. The manufacturer themselves states that these are pilot studies and therefore only preliminary. Participants in the studies followed the Golo diet, took Golo Release and also added 15 minutes of exercise to their daily routine. It is difficult to know which of these 3 impacted weight loss. What’s more, the studies did not contain a control group of participants which makes it impossible to truly compare weight loss results. It would be helpful if there were unbiased studies that were not conducted by Golo LLC.

Based on the Golo studies, it is unclear whether people actually need Golo Release to see weight-loss results. We turned to analyzing the ingredients which consist of 3 minerals and 7 plant extracts.

The minerals are Magnesium and Zinc which they claim to assist cellular metabolism as well as Chromium for enhanced action of insulin.

The 7 plant extracts included in this formula are found in a proprietary blend. They are Rhodiola extract, Inositol, Berberine extract, Gardenia extract, Banaba extract, Salacia extract and Apple extract. These extracts have been shown in various studies to lower insulin resistance for balanced blood sugar and decrease fat. However, we have no way to check if the required potency of these extracts are what is included in this blend, meaning we have no idea of just how effective this product is. The label states that there is 297 mg of the proprietary blend in the product but does not state how much of each ingredient is in this blend. There is no breakdown of ingredient doses. Without any further information from the manufacturer, it is impossible to know what results one can expect. 

There are a plethora of non-active ingredients in this formula. Inactive ingredients are those ingredients that do not actually help the condition you are trying to address but instead act as fillers with no health benefits whatsoever. The non-active ingredients include rice fiber. While this is innocuous, it is used as a binder. Usually, we tend to avoid products that come with extra padding and unnecessary ingredients, especially when trying to lose excess weight.   

While Golo LLC does offer a 60-day return policy it is only applicable for first time orders and can only be used for one return for each customer. 

Is Golo Release Effective?

Since we do not know the potency of the plant extracts in this product, we needed to see real-life feedback from various consumers. Perusing customer reviews gave us a glimpse into how effective this product is. We found a real division between positive and negative reviews.

The positive reviews felt this product worked for them and lived up to its claims. Some of the negative reviews said this product did nothing for them. Other reviewers said they felt jittery from this product. Still, more customers said the diet was difficult to follow. Others followed the diet and exercise regimen while taking Golo Release and ended up gaining weight!

Is Golo Release Safe?

Our main concern and warning are for potential customers who are seeking to control their blood sugar. Regulating blood sugar has serious implications for the entire body and should be handled very carefully. Because we don’t know the exact dosages of the active ingredients, it’s hard to judge how safe this product would be. We would need to see studies that weren’t funded by Golo before we could advocate for its safety and efficacy.

As with any new supplement or diet introduced into your daily life, we always advise talking to your healthcare professional about possible contraindications of any pre-existing medical conditions or medications that you are taking. Supplements work differently for everyone and the effects vary between individuals so it is always a good idea to run any health changes by a professional.


We were intrigued by Golo Release as part of a 3-step plan (including a diet plan and exercise regimen) to combat insulin resistance and lose weight. As people gain weight it may be difficult for their body cells to recognize insulin, a hormone, which brings glucose out of the bloodstream and into the body’s cells. When this happens, the body produces more insulin to compensate and this can also lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels. This is a huge claim for Golo Release to solve safely as unregulated blood sugar can cause serious health issues. In general, we look for products that focus more on suppressing appetite as it is shown to be a safer alternative than toying with blood sugar.

This product consists of ingredients that are all-natural and are backed up by science, which is positive. However, 7 key ingredients are found in a proprietary blend and therefore we have no way of knowing the dosage or efficacy of each plant extract.

When we turned to the clinical studies, we found more issues. While the Golo website claims to have studies that show weight loss results, they are only preliminary studies, there is no control group and they are paid for by Golo LLC – this is a huge red flag for us. 

It was only by investigating customer reviews that we were able to get a true picture of how effective the Golo plan is. Details of the Golo diet are only released to consumers once they purchase a bottle of Golo Release. While the diet plan itself is composed of whole foods, it is convoluted and confusing for some users. There is a real mix of reviews and while it may work for some, it did not work for all.  

Additionally, it should be stated that returns will only be accepted for first-time purchases if one is not satisfied with the results.



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